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Museums in Cartagena

This week we talk about the most important museums in the city of Cartagena:


Roman Theater:

The Roman theater museum is located in the Town Hall Square, one of the most important in the city, located a few meters from the city’s port. In it you can see the history of the theater and the different times it has passed since its discovery only 30 years ago, until its inauguration in 2008.




The regional museum of art is a place to contemplate and enjoy artistic manifestations from the XIX century till the mid XX century from the Region of Murcia and other areas.

Located in the Aguirre Palace and in a modern adjoining building, the museum beholds modernism and traditions. In the exhibition halls of the museum, we can appreciate the artworks by some of the most important artist of that time, and allows the visitor to envisage and approach this period so crucial in the History of Art.




ARQUA Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática is the institution in charge of studying, valuing, investigating, preserving, disseminating and protecting the Spanish underwater cultural heritage. It is also home to the Permanent Observatory for the National Plan for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage.

These tasks are carried out in collaboration with the different regional governments and its research centres, and in cooperation with the States who partner with the UNESCO Convention. Furthermore, the ARQUA has recently taken charge of the Odyssey’s treasure. The Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes frigate collection, which consists of more than 570,000 gold and silver coins from the late 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century.

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The Municipal Archaeological Museum:

The Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena consists of two floors in which it reflects the splendor of the rich culture provided by the History of Cartagena. In the first floor we find four rooms distributed as follows: Room 1: dedicated to Prehistory. Room 2: Colonization, especially the reference to the Iberian settlement of the Grandchildren. Room 3: Romanization, where it especially unleashes epigraphy with its funeral and religious inscriptions, ceramics and sculpture, building materials, the city and its monuments and industry. Room 4: the Lower Empire and Medieval times are collected. On the second floor: Room 5: mono graphic mining. Room 6: the most important sites of the city are collected. Room 7: dedicated to various audiovisuals. Room 8: gathers the Modern Age. The Museum is built on a late Roman necropolis, the one of San Antón, of interest as much by its graves as by its chronology.



Navy museum:

Located on the ground floor of the building of the XVIII century that housed prisoners and slaves being later Naval Prison, Marine Instruction Barracks and remodeled in the current century to host the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, reserving part of its base for the current Naval Museum . In the also we can find the original submarine of Isaac Peral



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