How to get from Alicante airport to Mar de Cristal?


This week we’ll explain how to get from Alicante airport to Mar de Cristal, where we have our office. There are different ways, from going by bus, renting a car, or going by taxi. Here are the ways to get to our apartments.

The most economical way, is to go by bus, but it is the one that takes the longest time. Since you would have to go from the airport of Alicante to Murcia first, then take another bus from Murcia to Cartagena, and finally a bus from Cartagena to Mar de Cristal , direction to la Manga.

The total cost of the round trip starts from 25€ per person, as it depends on the advance with which the tickets are purchased. The total time of the trip can be up to 4 hours, depending on the connection of the buses.

If you need more information about the bus tickets, you can visit Alsa’s website



The second option would be to rent a car at the same airport. For a week, prices range are from 110€ to 180€, depending on the category, whether it is a small car, or a family one. At this price should be added the petrol used and highway tolls.

Alicante Airport car hire desks - car rental check-in


The last option is the easiest, but it is also the most expensive. Taking a taxi from the airport to Mar de Cristal can start from € 100-120 per way. In total back and forth would be around 200 – 250 €, but it is the fastest, in 1h and 30 minutes you would be in our offices.



Next we’ll talk about the same topic but from Murcia-San Javier airport.


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