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Water activities – Murcia


This week we will talk about the best nautical activities in the Region of Murcia, from Kayak trips, to boat routes, both in the Mar Menor and in the Mediterranean Sea. These are the 5 best nautical activities in the Region of Murcia:


  • Route 5 islands Mar Menor (La Manga). Classic crossing by the calm waters of the Mar Menor, coasting all its islands: Island of the Baron, Perdiguera, del Ciervo, del Sujeto y Rondella. Puerto Dos Mares, Cala del Pino and 5 Km. from La Manga. During the tour you will have panoramic views of the entire coastline of the Mar Menor. We will tell the Legend of the Russian princess (Baron Island). It has a duration of 1h and 50 minutes. Cost: € 7 per person


  • Route of the cliffs in Cabo Tiñoso (Mazarrón). Enjoy a spectacular crossing where you can see Isla Plana, La Punta de la Azohía, the Almadraba (according to date), Torre de Santa Elena and the impressive cliffs of Cabo Tiñoso; Passing through Cala Cerrada, Cala Abierta and the Arch. The tour includes a section where you will sail slowly to see the underwater bottoms. Comments during the tour. (Spanish and English). Tourist boat navigation with underwater view. It lasts 2 hours. Cost: € 15 (children aged 3-9 years 8 €). Free for children under 3 years.

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  • Route of the seas Isla Grosa (La Manga). Route in which we will sail 5 km parallel to La Manga until arriving to the Port Tomás Maestre, where we will cross its main basin and we will accede by the channel of the Estacio to the Mediterranean Sea to edge the Island Grosa and Islote of Farallón. Comments in Spanish during the tour. It lasts 2 hours. Cost: € 7 per person


  • Bath route Chill Out in the Mar Menor (La Manga). Have a great time on this exclusive excursion to enjoy a privileged swim in the Mar Menor anchored off Barón Island for 1 hour and a half. Excursion enlivened with chill out music and open bar. On the way back we will go around the island to see its mansion and hermitage neomudéjar. It lasts for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Cost: € 13 (children 3-9 years: € 6)


  • Kayak tour. Enjoy a kayak tour with monitor by the Aguilas coast with this special promotion. Departures will take place at 10:00 and 12:00. It lasts 2 hours. Cost: 30 € per person




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