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Where to eat in Cartagena?


Do you know wher to eat in Cartagena? If you don’t, today we will talk about the best restaurants around the city of Cartagena. During your next visit to this city you will not have doubts where to eat.
This top 5 is everything, there are the most exquisite and exclusive restaurants and where you can taste the best tapas of the city at a good price. You want to know what they are? Go for it:


Magoga. Possibly the most exquisite and exclusive restaurant in the city. There are daily menus for 16 €, tasting menus or you can order from the menu. It offers a great variety of wines. However the quality must be paid, but it’s totally worth it.

magoga 0


Restaurante La Catedral. As its name suggests it is right at the foot of the Cathedral of Cartagena, within the area of the Roman theater. The only place in Cartagena where you can eat looking at the Roman theater. It has very good quality both for lunch and for later with a few drinks.



La Sella. It is the best vegetarian restaurant in Cartagena. It has many great plates at an affordable price, whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you’ll love. It’s not close to downtown, but definitely worth the journey.



La Fuente and La Uva Jumillana. This is a 2×1, are 2 of the best tapas restaurants in the city. They have their specialties, La Fuente has its anchovies and dishes from the north, while Grape Jumillana specializes in fried more.



Coffee Lab. Without a doubt, the best cafeteria throughout the city. The presentation of the drinks is very particular. They have a lot of teas and infusions, and even larger is the variety of coffees. It is a few minutes by walk from the Sella restaurant, which makes it perfect for a coffee after a great meal.



Have you visit one of this restaurants recently? Tell us your opinion in the comments below!


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