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Auditorium El Batel – Cartagena

This week we talk about the Auditorium El Batel, in Cartagena. We’ll see the structure and design, among the different shows that they take place here.


This state-of-the-art building is based on the marine traditions of the city. Its location next to the port and sea influence the design.

The exterior is dominated by straight lines, similar to the containers of the boats stacked in the docks, the straightness of the edge of the port and the calm of the surrounding sea.

The innovative materials used, native to the area have been used for the first time in the facade of a building, and have allowed us to create luminous areas which provide great brightness to the interior.


To know more about the concerts and shows in El Batel, you can check this link


The main auditorium hosts up to 1,401 spectator over three floors. It is a unique space due to its unusual location: below sea level.

Hall A is divided into 3 many parts: the parterre, closest to the stage, with a capacity for 565 spectators; the amphitheater 1, with a capacity for 498 spectators; and the highest, the amphitheater 2, which can hold 332 spectators.



El Batel Conference Centre has an area of 810 m2, divided into 7 multi-use rooms, with an overall capacity for 690 people.

These rooms, which are adjacent and tiered, can be divided using panels, which means they can be used in pairs, creating rooms which can hold up to 150 people, or individually, holding up to 70 people.



To check availability and prices you can visit this link. There you will have more photos and details of the apartments.


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