History of the 3 wise men

The countries where most of this tradition happens are Spain, Portugal and Latin America, although there are many other countries that also celebrate this tradition.

3 wise men


In the fourteenth century, the Benedictine monk Bede described the 3 wise men in a manuscript: ‚Melchor was an old man with white hair and a long beard of the same color; Gaspar was younger and blonder; And Balthasar was a black lord. ‚ Bede identified them as representatives of Europe, Asia and Africa.

As for the number of the wise men was three, Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar are accepted, although in different places it is assumed that there were two, four, and even twelve, as in Armenia.

Their fate is uncertain after the encounter with the family of Jesus in Bethlehem. Another enigma is the star that led them to the Child’s crib. For many scientists it was only a comet or luminous meteor.


In Spain is celebrated the parade of kings in most of cities. It is the afternoon of January 5. The 3 wise men hand out toys and candy to the children.

Parade of the 3 wise men


Then, at dawn from 5 to 6 is when they go to the houses to leave the gifts, that the children open the morning of the 6. While the gifts are open or at the meal, you enjoy the „roscón de reyes“. The roscón is a sweet and thin pastry with a hole in the middle and is decorated with candied fruits.

„Roscon de reyes“


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