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5 things to see in Cartagena

Today we are going to talk about the things to see in Cartagena, Murcia. Cartagena is a small city that can be visited in 1 day, but if you have 2 days you can enjoy more things in the city, such as visiting some of the nearby fortresses or natural beaches.

Our top 5 things to see in Cartagena are:


Roman theatre:
The Roman theater museum is located in the Town Hall Square, one of the most important in the city, located a few meters from the city’s port. In it you can see the history of the theater and the different times it has passed since its discovery only 30 years ago, until its inauguration in 2008.



Town Hall Square and Main Street:
In the square of the town hall, next to the port you can see one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, the old town hall of Cartagena. Next to it is the main street, a street full of life and shops to buy clothes or to eat in its varied restaurants.



Port and sea wall:
The port has been renovated a few years ago. Now it attracts many tourists that come in cruises, since its dimensions make it ideal to dock in the same port of the city. In 5 minutes walk you are in the center of town from the boat. The wall that is along the harbor is also very beautiful to see.



Castillitos fortress:
It is one of the fortresses that is located near the city and the best preserved of all the zone. It is about a 45 min drive from the city of Cartagena, but the scenery and views are totally worth it. In addition, you can take a picture of one of the restored cannons inside the battery.



Beaches of Calblanque:

The beaches of Calblanque are only 20 minutes drive from Cartagena, or 10 minutes from La Manga. They are known for their large stretches of golden sand, impassable coves, crystal clear waters and a wild nature. These beaches are located within a Regional park. Hiking along the Mediterranean or Kite-surfing are some of the most popular activities in this area.



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