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Nativity scenes in the Region of Murcia

In the Region of Murcia is very typical at Christmas, create models recreating the most important scenes of the Bible, such as the birth of Jesus. These nativity scenes are some of the largest in Spain and some in Europe.


Nativity scenes, also called births, are displayed in churches, houses and town halls. The first known Bethlehem dates from 1223 in the city of Greccio, Italy. It was realized by the religious and philosopher San Francisco de Asís.


The most important nativity scenes of the Region of Murcia are:


Nativity scene of Cartagena
Nativity scene of Murcia
san javier
Nativity scene of San Javier
Nativity scene of Caravaca de la Cruz


Do you put the Nativity scene in your house, in the church or in your community? Tell us in the comments below.


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