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Wine tourism – Routes in the Region of Murcia

Today we will talk about one of the great attractions of the region. The wine.


Welcome to our guide to Wine Routes in the Region of Murcia. The Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla designated origin wine-producing areas are waiting with open arms to welcome you and to introduce you to their wines, which are increasingly gaining in prestige around the world; to their bodegas, where tradition is combined with new wine-making technology; and to their restaurants and accommodation, set in exceptional surroundings that are sure to delight.

Because wine is tradition, culture and life, in this guide you will find numerous ideas to help you enjoy it in all its facets. Must-sees in each wine-producing area: its museums, its customs, its people…

One of the best ways to enjoy the wine culture is to do some of the wine routes, with visits to wineries, tastings and wine tourism courses. This activity is necessarily linked to the enjoyment of the enoteca, the restaurants, the traditional markets and the specialized shops that are distributed by the villas. For all tastes, for all palates.



The Region of Murcia has three Wine Routes. All of them certified by the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN):


  • Bullas: In Bullas, wine is the ultimate expression of a towndevoted to tending vines since its very origins, both defining it and filling it with pride. A traditional craft that has matured over time, lovingly nurtured by its people in the hope of a rich reward: full-bodied wines abounding in character that linger not only on the palate but also in the memory. If the district of Bullas is known for something, it is for its wine-growing tradition. A stroll along its streets full of history or a chat with the local people will reveal how the town has been linked to the delicious fruit of the vine since the remotest of times.
  • Jumilla: Jumilla issomewhere you can immerse yourself in the culture, tradition and customs of a wine-growing area with deep roots. Explore its vineyards, visit its numerous wineries and find out all about wine-making, step by step. Stay in rural surroundings, enjoy the local cuisine… And, of course, take advantage of the opportunities it offers to get to know its historical, cultural and natural heritage.
  • Yecla: Tasting wines from the Yecla designated origin wine area is a real experience, an adventure that will take you back to the origins of a land whose roots are deeply embedded in its wine-growing tradition. Its wines are pronounced and at the same time creative in character, revealing noble, complex and rich nuances in the glass.




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